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Pilot Training

JSAPL offers complete pilot training program to the students who want to become pilot. Out pilot training program is divided into two parts- first part is ground training and second one is practical training. As well as we are providing simulator training also.

Commercial Pilot License is a 9 month training course out of which 3 months Ground Training is provided to students in the Institute's campus at Gurgaon and for rest 6 months Flight training, students are send to U.S.A. or Canada.

Our pilot ground training course covers following topics :-

Air navigation, general and flight planning

1. Practical Navigation
2. Theoretical Navigation

Air regulations

1. Aerodrome rescue and search
2. Rules regarding custom, air transmission, etc.
3. Knowledge of navigational and communication facilities
4. Lighting and aerodromes
5. Rules of airspace, air organization.

Aircraft and Engine

1. General principles
2. Operation of engine, aircraft, instruments and installation equipments
3. Elementary knowledge of construction, maintenance and design
4. Basic knowledge about fuel lubricants
5. Aircraft loading, weight distribution and its flight characteristics effect
6. Radio telephone including interpretation and transmission of oral signals and radio- telephonic apparatus operations on aircraft board.

Air Meteorology

1. Basic knowledge about aviation
2. Weather plotting and codes
3. Elementary synoptic- meteorology (excluding interpretation)

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