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Pilot Training

JSAPL offers complete pilot training program to the students who want to become pilot. Out pilot training program is divided into two parts- first part is ground training and second one is practical training. As well as we are providing simulator training also.

Commercial Pilot License is a 9 month training course out of which 3 months Ground Training is provided to students in the Institute’s campus at Gurgaon and for rest 6 months Flight training, students are send to U.S.A. or Canada.

Our pilot ground training course covers following topics-

Air navigation, general & flight planning:-

1. Practical navigation

2. Theoretical navigation

Air regulations :-

1. Aerodrome rescue and search

2. Rules regarding custom, air transmission, etc.

3. Knowledge of navigational & communication facilities

4. Lighting and aerodromes

5. Rules of airspace, air organization.

Aircraft & Engine :-

1. General principles

2. Operation of engine, aircraft, instruments and installation equipments

3. Elementary knowledge of construction, maintenance and design

4. Basic knowledge about fuel lubricants

5. Aircraft loading, weight distribution & its flight characteristics effect

6. Radio telephone including interpretation and transmission of oral signals & radio- telephonic apparatus operations on aircraft board.

Air Meteorology :-

1. Basic knowledge about aviation

2. Weather plotting and codes

3. Elementary synoptic- meteorology (excluding interpretation)