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EASA Part 66 AME LicenseTraining

EASA Part 66 CAT B1 Module 11a Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Basic Knowledge Examination in Accordance to EASA Part 66

Examination Contents:

11.1 Theory of Flight
11.2 Airframe Structures – General Concept
11.3 Airframe Structures Aeroplane
11.4 Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressurisation
11.5 Instrument / Avionic Systems
11.6 Electrical Power
11.7 Equipment and Furnishings
11.8 Fire Protection
11.9 Flight Controls
11.10 Fuel Systems
11.11 Hydraulic Power
11.12 Ice and rain Protection
11.13 Landing Gear
11.14 Lights
11.15 Oxygen
11.16 Pneumatic / Vacuum
11.17 Water / Waste
11.18 On Board Maintenance Systems

Target group: Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Experience in a EASA Part M or 145 Organisation

  • More than 2 years Experience with AML CAT A
  • More than 3 years Experience as a skilled Worker in accordance to the LBA
  • More than 5 years Experience with no previous relevant technical training
Questions: 130 Multiple Choice – 0 Essays
Language: English
Duration: 165 minutes
Conclusion: Certificate of Recognition if the Examination Pass Mark is more than 75% of the Multiple Choice Questions
Date: Ongoing
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