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JSA-Flybe UK CAA only EASA Part-66 Module Refresher & Exam in India.
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EASA Part 66 AME LicenseTraining

EASA Part 66 CAT B1 Module 10 Aviation Legislation

Basic Knowledge Examination in Accordance to EASA Part 66

Examination Contents:

10.1 Regulatory Framework
10.2 Part 66 – Certifying Staff Maintenance
10.3 Part 145 – Approved Maintenance Organisations
10.4 EU – OPS – Commercial Air Transport
10.5 Aircraft Certification
10.6 Part M – Maintenance
10.7 National Regulations and International  Requirements

Target group: Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Experience in a EASA Part M or 145 Organisation

  • More than 2 years Experience with AML CAT A
  • More than 3 years Experience as a skilled Worker in accordance to the LBA
  • More than 5 years Experience with no previous relevant technical training
Questions: 40 Multiple Choice – 1 Essay
Language: English
Duration: 50 + 20 minutes
Conclusion: Certificate of Recognition if the Examination Pass Mark is more than 75% of the Multiple Choice Questions and Essay 1
Date: Ongoing
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