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Joint venture with Flybe
Joint venture with FLTechnics
JSA-Flybe UK CAA only EASA Part-66 Module Refresher & Exam in India.
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Director General & Managing Director’s Message

The motive of Jet Serve Aviation Pvt. Ltd. and is to exceed customers’ expectations by providing outstanding customer care through innovations created by talented, satisfied employees. We believe that our customers' satisfaction and thus their loyalty is our success.
Our overall business attitude is shaped by our overall value care. We at JSA understand that, success in business can only be achieved, if a company takes adequate care of all stakeholders in the value chain, namely employees, customers, shareholders and the society.
With a view to grabbing opportunities, the efforts on innovative international marketing have been intensified. The company has been adapting a strategy of increasing its international brand image and is rapidly expanding to reach out to more and more countries.
 My focus is empowering the skills of our   students and customers.

 Carefully designed and professionally   presented, our trainings are resulting in   highest standard of performance.

 Albert Einstein said once: “Genius is 1% talent   and 99% hard work…”

 We are not in position to give that 1% to you.   But those 99% is our promise
At JSA, Environmental concerns, safety and social responsibility is of utmost importance. We certainly understand our reasonability towards greener & safer planet.
Thank you for visiting our website and for considering our products and services. I encourage you to experience the caring attitude of our competent, dedicated employees. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and discuss your needs. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.
S. R. Ola
Director General& Managing Director